There’s a Korev for every occasion…

Which is your Korev?


We’re proud that every Korev in every pub always has the same consistent quality and taste. A great draught Korev will have a firm foam head every time. It’s a seal that keeps the air out and the fine bubbles in and makes sure you can enjoy the taste as it meant to be.


Wherever you are, it’s refreshing to know a perfect Korev can be there with you. The wonderful pale colour and clean, crisp taste is bottled in amber glass to protect the freshness.


On the beach, at a party or on the go? Feel and enjoy wherever you are a true taste of Cornwall with a cold can of Korev, the refreshing, clean taste that is kept safe from light and air.

Think of Cornwall and you might well think of our stunning coastline, industrial heritage and of course life by the sea through surfing and fishing. Korev Lager is made up of all those things, but above all it’s the people that makes our beer unmistakably Cornish.

Crafted at our brewery in St Austell, we’ve used the finest lager malt from barley grown right here in Cornwall. Korev is a lager in the Helles style with a wonderful pale colour and a clean, crisp taste.

Sounds good?