Korev Can Chicken


1.5 tbsp sweet smoked paprika
½ tbsp. hot smoked paprika
½ tsp chilli flakes
2 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp red wine vinegar
3 limes, juiced plus extra wedges for serving
2 lemons, juice plus extra wedges for serving
5 tbsp olive oil
2kg chicken
4 baking potatoes
2 garlic bulbs
1 can of Korev
3 tbsp finely chopped chives
250g softened butter
Seasalt and freshly ground pepper


Mix together the sweet and hot smoked paprika, chilli flakes, mustard, vinegar and lemon and lime juices in a bowl.
Transfer the mixture into a large food bag, adding 4 tablespoons of olive oil and the chicken, then seal and shake the bag. Set aside to marinade.
Prick the potatoes, rub with oil and season with salt and pepper, then wrap each in its own aluminium foil package.
Drizzle one garlic bulb with oil and wrap tightly in foil. Cut the other garlic bulb in half and stuff it into the chicken.
Light the BBQ and wait for the coals to glow.
Open the can of Korev, and place inside the chicken so that the bottom of the can can just be seen.
Place the wrapped potatoes and garlic into the coals of the BBQ, and stand the chicken upright, supported by the can. Wrap a piece of aluminium foil around the can to protect the base of the chicken. Cover with a lid and cook for 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes, remove the garlic bulb and set aside. Continue to cook the chicken and potatoes for a further 30 minutes.
Unwrap the garlic and squeeze it into a bowl, mixing it with the chives and butter.
Transfer the chicken, still standing upright on the Korev can to a serving platter, then unwrap the potatoes and drizzle with the garlic butter.
Serve with roasted vegetables if you wish and add the lemon and lime wedges.