Surf talk with Luke Dillon

We caught up with Newquay born professional surfer and Korev ambassador, Luke Dillon, when he was sitting in Lisbon airport – one of his stops on a 41-hour journey to Sri Lanka to compete in a World Surf League event.

It may sound like a great life, but surf competitions are not for the fainthearted, you can travel for days to compete in an event only to be knocked out in the first round; there are no second chances – pack your board and go home.

Luke is currently Britain’s highest ranked male surfer competing on the Qualifying Series Tour. The Tour has over 1,100 surfers competing around the world, surfing a range of locations, from city beaches to remote islands.

“It’s been a good year; I’ve been all round the world. I’m pretty used to airport lounges now; you need to know how to fill the time. I love golf, so I watch a lot of it on my tablet. However, there is no worse a feeling than waiting for your surf boards to come out of baggage reclaim, gets me tense every time!”

Luke started 2019 competing in Israel, from there the Tour has taken him to the likes of Tenerife, Brazil, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. He has taken on some of the best in the world during the last twelve months, with a best finish of 5th.

“I’ve been in thirteen events so far this year, it’s been frantic, but I have a few more before the end of the year,” Dillon says.

Over the past few years on the Tour, Luke has built up a reputation for speed, power and flow, and he loves surfing the bigger waves. But the sea doesn’t always offer-up the waves that you want. Events can be tough because the waves might be small and form goes out the window, it’s more down to the luck of the waves you get.

“You have to be versatile, says Dillon. “You can’t assume that because you’re going to Sri Lanka, for example, you’re going to get great rolling barrels to surf. You have to adapt to the conditions you are presented with; the way you surf the conditions is a big part of the scoring process.”

And what about the Olympics in 2020? The best surfers in the World are clamouring for a spot in the event, which will be the first time that the sport has featured in the Olympic programme.

“It’s obviously exciting, I need to continue to work hard over the coming months to get points. That’s all I can do really, what will be will be, I guess” Dillon added.

You can watch Luke compete on the World Surf League online at