Korev Lager is proud to sponsor Lucy Campbell, a 21 year old surfer from Woolacombe, Devon.

Lucy starting surfing at the age of 10 and soon won a British Junior title aged just 12.
At 19, she became the UK’s top female surfer, winning the British Women’s Championship and the UK Pro Surf Tour.

With the sponsorship of Korev, Lucy is really looking forward to a breakthrough year of global events and has firmly set her eyes upon competing in Tokyo 2020, the first Olympics that will host surfing.

Korev Lager caught up with Lucy while she was out surfing in South Africa. Find out more about Lucy below…

5 minutes with Lucy…

How was 2016 for you? Was it busy?

Yes it was a bit! 2016 was my first year surfing on the women’s World Qualifying Series! I loved going to see new places,
surfing new breaks and coming up against some of the best girls in the world.

Why did you choose surfing? At what point did you pick up a board and think ‘I want this to be my career’?

I can’t remember an exact moment, but I think going to the ISA Junior World Games in stunning New Zealand when I was about 14
was probably when I realised it was exactly what I wanted to do!

What achievements are you currently most proud of?

I’d have to say becoming British Women’s Champion and winning the Women’s UK Pro Surf Tour is at the top of the list.
But I once ate four pizzas at an all-you-can-eat and actually fell asleep from the food coma.

What does Korev’s support mean to you?

It means a lot! I guess mostly it’s a big opportunity for me to keep pushing my surfing and to help get us British girls on the map,
but also just to be recognised for what I do is amazing. It’s never bad to have a few cold ones on tap either!

Any trips in the pipeline this year?

Well I’m currently in Cape Town, South Africa and I am absolutely loving it!
I’m keeping an eye on the swell and have my fingers crossed for a good JBay swell.
After this I’ll be heading to Australia for my first events of the WQS this year.

What are your hopes for 2017?

I’m really hoping to step up my world ranking and
make some awesome clips!

Who do you think is killing it on the world tour at the moment?

To be honest I think all the girls are seriously pushing the boundaries of women’s surfing.
It is super inspirational to see the girls like Carissa and Tyler surfing with so much power.

How do you keep your competitive fire burning when British waves and weather are grey and gross?

With a good old power hour!
When it’s gross outside and the waves are looking pretty sloppy I keep my surfs short and stay super busy in the water.

How are you physically preparing for this year’s competitions?

I’m surfing as much as possible,
doing strength, conditioning and coordination trainin with some yoga thrown in to help recovery!
Check out ‘functional training’, it’s amazing.

Who have you been competing against that poses a problem to you in the water?

I came up against former CT surfer Claire Bevilacqua a few times last year.
She was busting air reverses and all sorts!
That was a bit of a learning curve…

Surfing is coming to the Olympics in 2020… is team selection on your to-do list?

Most definitely!